Folgen Sie uns…Wir zeigen Ihnen die Ausstellung – Modell-haft!

Autor: MusicaFemina

Irene Suchy, PhD of Philosophy and Master of Arts, studied musicology and German literature, music pedagogy and violoncello at University of Vienna and mdw – University of performing arts and music, as well as Ochanomizu Women’s University of Tokyo. Among other lectureships she teaches gender musicology at KUG – University of Arts Graz and Mozarteum University Salzburg. In her past exhibitions she focused on political and artistic subjects, such as Staatsoperetten Kunstverstörungen – about the political atmosphere in Austria regarding art-scandals in the 1970ies – and Schmuck im Salon – the arts of contemporary jewelry. Irene Suchy is a distinguished author of books on contemporary history and musicology focusing on gender, forbidden music and history during the Nazi-regime. She was honored by the republic of Austria and by the city Vienna amongst numerous prizes and awards for her work as a writer, radio-journalist and cultural historian. Clarisse Maylunas studied at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna in the classes of Lois Egg and Erich Wonder stage design and architecture and historical costume design. She is currently teaching at the mdw – the University of performing arts and music and the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. Maylunas’ experience covers world premiers of musical-theatre, opera, ballet and contemporary dance productions by composers like Otto M. Zykan, H. K. Gruber, Giorgio Battistelli, Kurt Schwertsik, Christian Muthspiel, Dieter Kaufmann, Gerd Kühr oder Claude Michel Schoenberg and others. The venues included the Vienna state opera, the opera of Graz and international productions in New York, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Paris etc. in cooperation with Karl Welunschek, Elena Tschernischowa, Hans Hoffer, Hans Eschberg, Liz King, Elio Gervasi or Ismael Ivo.

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